Lets Fondue it Tonight ;)

And if we fondue it, we better fondue it right! That’s circa 1960’s through 1970’s. Actually it started way before that. The first mentions of fondue  or dipping bread in hot communal cheese pot  pop up around the year 1700 in Swiss cook books. The Swiss made fondue a thing in the 1920’s and thirties when  the Swiss cheese commission used it to market their product and build some nationalism with regional recopies for fondue. During this time fondue was also popularized in France and Italy.. basically fondue has a place in countries that make awesome cheese… who knew!?


Available on the Dishsup Etsy store

Some brilliant Somebody popularized chocolate fondue in the 1950’s… Thank you! Much like The Beatles, The Stones and many other awesome European things fondue invaded North America in the 1960’s and got really popular in the 1970’s.


available at TheLionsDenStudio Etsy shop

Fondue pots and forks are, in my opinion a kitchen must have,especially the retro ones, Especially if you ever entertain, drink wine or enjoy gooey cheesy or chocolaty goodness. So we all need one. Remember no double dipping and don’t drop your bread or fruit in the pot, unless you want to pay for the next round.


available at DishsUp Etsy store

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