Chop it Up, Buttercup: The Manual Food Processor

The manual food processor is an important part of the vintage  kitchen. I recently added four of these little gems to my vintage collection. Due to the popularity and affordability of these little guys there are still plenty of them available, in great condition. My personal opinion is that everyone should have one! They are efficient, easy to clean, easy to store and fun to have. They come in every imaginable color, My four year old can easily use one as long as I handle the blade end. Guests love them they are a great conversation starter or housewarming gift. I currently have four available in my etsy store and one that I use in my kitchen, I use mine every day, it kicks its electric contemporary in the nut chopper.


These little guys are super interesting to look at, they clean up much faster than an electric food processor., especially if you only have to chop a small amount of  food. I like to  mince garlic and ginger in mine. Most of these choppers hold between one and two cups of food, you can find larger and smaller ones if you look. Admittedly the four I have available are a bit demure in color, if you are  looking for a brighter kitchen accessory  you might want to check out Treasuredpastvintage’s awesome teal chopper, OhMyTradeAndSupply’s lemon yellow chopper or my personal favorite the bright orange chopper offered by DocsCollectables, pictured below. I’ve also seen them in light pink , bright red and with various patterns.



Most of the choppers on the market today were made in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s. You can also get new replicas, if you aren’t a vintage fan. Personally I feel like the  new ones are flimsy by comparison, especially the plastic bits.I hope you have enjoyed my ode to retro food choppers!

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