A Love Letter to Noritake Progression

When most people think Noritake, they think fine china. Which is great, Noritake has been a leader in the china export industry since the 1890s. I’m not here to talk about fine china, it sits in a hutch all year,  only to come out for special occasions. Although enchanting and fun to think about, fine china is about as useful as glass slippers and tiaras in day to day life.

Enter Progression, Progression was Noritake’s everyday tableware line from the 60’s and 70’s.  I can’t find a solid number, but it seems that there were around 50 patterns produced for the progression line ; between the 60’s and 80s. The progression  line captures the bright colors and geometric floral patterns that are synonymous with the late 60’s through early 80’s.  This line has completely captured my heart. Sadly, I only own  a part of one set. I have some Sunny Side bread and butter plates.They can be purchased here.


Although Sunny Side is pretty awesome, it’s not my favorite pattern. Patterns like  Palos Verde, Bimini and  the ever elusive Acapulco are more my style.

Palos Verde is available here.

Bimini is available  is available here:

And, Acapulco is apparently just a dish myth, if someone has it let me know I would love to have it.

The Progression line is a bit harder to find than Noritake’s fine china line’s probably because it was an everyday line, and dishes break. i totally think it’s worth the hunt!

Thank you to LaCasitaVieja and TheCarriageTrade2 for the beautiful images.

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