About Me and Why I do What I do.

I think it all started with a thrifted hutch and a need to fill it with something.  I wanted to be a furniture refurbisher, to sell my art on Etsy  in the form of  re-purposed  dressers, hutches and such. After refinishing a gorgeous  art deco cabinet, and being unable to sell it, I fell in love.  I couldn’t let it go. It now lives in my hall way; covered in family photos and filled with linens. I fell in love with dishes. Please excuse the screwdrivers and tape I was still attaching hardware when this pic was taken.2016-04-06 11.37.20


The cabinet lead to the Hutch, the hutch was supposed to be another sale piece… ( I get attached to furniture )The hutch still lives with me too. As soon as I saw it in my house I knew it was staying and that I had to fill it.   I’ve always wanted china, until a few months ago I knew nothing about china . The hutch gave me a need for china and a need to research china.That is how I fell in love with dishes,bought way to many and  now am a vintage housewares seller on Etsy .


the hutch that started it all.


My first set of dishes,( it’s available on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/DishsUp?ref=hdr_shop_menu) Was Noritake Weston. I fell in love with Noritake, especially mid century noritake as soon as I started researching china. Now I have a large stock of all things concerning the Mid century kitchen..And a few  toys.20160303_141615

I plan to post  on Tuesdays and Thursdays. my next post will be about  the Noritake progression line.

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